Thursday, January 12, 2012


Homemade Strawberry Chia Jam...

We just made this and I had to share RIGHT away!!!  It's THAT good!!  I found this recipe from @PowerCakes on twitter!  Her blog is 

First off she is just absolutely adorable!!  Secondly, she creates YUMMY food that is healthified!!!  Who doesn't LOVE that!!  Check out her blog and say hello to her on twitter!

Let's get started!!

1 cup frozen fruit of choice (we used whole unsweetened strawberries)
2 TBSP Chia seeds
2 packets of Stevia (@PowerCakes used a couple drops of liquid Stevia)
Splash of water

Put above ingredients into a small mixing bowl
Mix together
Microwave for 2mins
Mix together some more
Put in fridge or freezer to chill

*** I had little Miss. Cutie help me out!!  She tends to be a picky eater BUT since she made this recipe with me....she was SUPER excited to eat it!!

By the looks of this picture I think they ENJOYED it!! Picky Kid Eaters APPROVED :)

THEN....the BEST part!!!  ENJOY!!!
Top on Brown ricecakes, protein pancakes, use for your kids PB&J, add on top of Greek Yogurt or oatmeal!! OR just eat by the spoonful ;)

NOW it's your turn!!  Go make it and let me know how you LOVED it!!  Don't forget to share with @PowerCakes and myself!!

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  1. You are so adorable. I just joined TIU and am finding so many amazing blogs! I love yours and can't wait to keep up with it! I'm on the 7DSD to kick start the program and am loving it!!! Your story is very inspiring :) What a nice treat to find you!