Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favorite Finds...

It's always exciting when you find something that's amazing and just works.  Almost like a little secret BUT you can't keep it a secret because others need in on it too!!

My 4 Current lil Treasures

1.  Yurbuds!!!

Ok I don't know if it is just me but my ears are weird AND earbuds do NOT stay in my ears!!  I've tried them all and all the different sizes and they DON'T stay!!  Nothing worse then trying to run and you have to keep messing with your earbuds and you finally think you get it in there and then suddenly...it falls OUT!!  Not cool!!

I bought mine at Target, you can also purchase online.  I wanted to get them quickly and return quickly if they fell out. 

2.  Mini Trampoline- AMAZING!!!

I had an amazing 10 minute workout the other day on a mini trampoline.  Yes as in totally sweating!!  My mom gave me this little gem that has been buried in my garage.  We cleaned out the garage, I set it up for my kids to jump on to stay occupied.  That evening my kids were watching a cartoon, I went in the garage and decided to try running on it.  This was my quick 10min 1mile run on the mini trampoline.  So you ask...How do you run on a mini trampoline?  Well in place...of course it's not as if you are out there hitting the pavement BUT it gets the job done and the heart pumping!!  BEST of all...my kids did not even notice I wasn't around!  I got in a quick mini workout at home, without leaving and the kids were not at my feet! AMAZING right!!

3.  Iced Coffee via Blender Bottle :)

Ok so this is two favorite things mixed together which just equals pure awesomeness!!  The other day in Sunny Southern California it was hot.  I needed a little pick me up and decided to make some Iced Coffee.  I usually make Iced Coffee during the summer BUT have not used the Blender Bottle in the past!  It's brilliant!!  My Iced Coffee includes coffee that was made that morning, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk and Truvia packets.  Fill the Blender Bottle with ice.  Leave the AMAZING ball inside (this is what makes it pure awesomeness).  Add the ingredients, put lid on AND shake AWAY!!  Ahhhh just amazing AND there ya go for a Healthy, Clean Iced Coffee :) 

4.  Lastly BUT not least!!! http://fitfoodjunkie.com/

I met Sharisse on twitter, follow her here @FitFoodJunkie
She is a fellow Tone It Up member and also just became an Ambassador with FitFluential, Inc.  She is an extreme motivator and inspiration to me.  She is a mama to 2 twin boys and a baby boy!  Ummm and her baby...he's still a baby AND she's back to pre-prego body!!  You GO girl!!  Anyways she started a blog where she shares amazing Clean Eating Recipes!!!  She also JUST posted today her Secret Food Scale...you will have to check out her blog to find out just what I'm talking about :)    Her passion is eating clean and her hubby and kiddos also eat clean!  That just ROCKS!!  Visit her blog, follow her on FB and twitter AND share her awesomeness with others :)

Lil Update

I'm training for a 5K...you gotta start somewhere right :)  It's January 21st and I'm super pumped!  I hadn't ran since before Thanksgiving...WHAT!!!  So this week I'm back out there hitting the pavement...it hurts but hurts SO good :) 


  1. Awesome post! Thanks for including me :) I'll be making that iced coffee when summer hits Vancouver!

  2. i have the same problem with my earbuds! my husband gave me a tiny rubber black pair that actually stay in (most of the time).